Leading Breakfast Brand Recognized By Consumers
In today's society, healthy nutritional diet become more and more important: people prefer to eat more healthy foods from different species. We believe that nutritional cereal breakfast is an integral part of the diet. It is low in fat, high in fibre and low in sugar, nutritionally balanced and deliciously tasty all of which combines to make it a healthy start to the day... more details
Met British Royal privileges-Weetabix Market Tasting
In today's society, Weetabix is one of the few United Kingdom Royal certification brand which established in 1932. On January 21, 2015, Weetabix market tasting hold in Angelina restaurant, providing pure and noble British Royal privileges to the guests... more details

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Weetabix Series

whole grains are rich in dietary fiber, nutrients and carbohydrates to start a day and keep them going through the morning.

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Alpen Series

nothing is better than a nutritional cereal breakfast with low in sugar and high in fiber is more suitable for you to start positive every day.

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